Hello and Welcome to Naturally Over.

Naturally Over is a campaign that will be taking place after the theoretical eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano. The date is July 18, 2010, five days after the eruption, there where massive quakes that rocked California and the surrounding states.

The extent of the devastation is unknown.

Essentially the players are going to be surviving as the nation’s infrastructure collapses around them. Find food and clean water will be necessary, simply put you can die from starvation and dehydration. I am not going to put realism over the fun of the game play. Worrying about the nutrition value of the piece of plastic you eat would just be waste full.

I am planning to use the WOD rule set, minus anything supernatural, simply because I think that I will easily be able to manipulate and modify it to fit my needs.

So naturally I will be using some unique modifications, I will be adding them to the wiki when they come up.

Here are some things to read to get you started for now.

Thomas’ Journal

Naturally Over

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