You have managed to survive the initial ash fall from the Yellowstone blow out and the four days of quakes that rocked the west coast. Your location is near the Culver City High school in California a grand total of 11.7 miles away from downtown Los Angeles.

Culver City High was to be converted in to a shelter over the next two years, but the eruption occurred sixteen months early. Many people fled to the high school only to be crushed in it collapse, the plans for increasing the structures stability had not be thoroughly implemented.

Struggling around where ever you are, despite the occasional low magnitude aftershocks, you manage to find the gear you stashed away for when this day came. Finally with everything together you pull out your radio and turn it on (of course this only applies if you have one). You search for a while through the static, eventually you find a station that is broadcasting.

“Crashing and banging is heard in the back ground, the speakers voice is clam but has a sense of urgency to it.

Muffled. “Is this on?” A loud smack is heard, flesh to metal and another voice speaks. “Yeah!” “Ok, People, um, People of, um, California as you know we are in a state of disaster, I will be recording this message and giving other useful survival tips for as long as our um, generator holds out and the radio tower um, stands.” More loud crashes are heard in the back ground as another after sock-wave shakes the ground. Silence follows, then static then voices again are heard. “See I told you this place could handle it.” “I just hope it holds long enough inform at least a few people.” The voice become more focused as the speaker turns his attention to the microphone. “Finding clean water is going to be your first um, concern. Water from the faucets is tainted with um, sewage, please avoid using them with out proper purification. I implore you to share what excesses you have, we are the only one who can help us until the um.” The speaker pauses for a moment. “Government can aid can reach us.”

The message clicks off and then repeats.”

What will you do?


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